For Financial Professionals

Your clients come to you seeking solid advice and peace of mind about their financial present, future and legacy. And they look for the added value that a trusted relationship can bring. I believe my professional work in legacy writing might be the perfect complement to your services, and may even provide you and your clients with a more productive outcome.

Everyone has their money story. This story can be a help or a hindrance when it comes to the process of financial planning. Under the surface, the planning process is entwined with peoples’ values, fears, and the desire to live well, while assuring an inheritance to sustain the futures of those they love and the institutions they believe in.

I am not a financial professional. My strengths lie in what I know about the lives of people. After twenty-two years as a practicing psychotherapist, since 2005 I have been helping people discover and preserve their stories on paper through the writing of  legacy letters, sometimes known as ethical wills (a non-binding document), and also through guided autobiography, the longer story.

I’ve learned that money issues can be fraught with peril to people, whether they have enough, not enough, or more than they need. I help people uncover their values and write of them in their legacy letters, a priceless inheritance to descendants. Clients become clearer about the intersection where money, values and legacy meet, and the impact on decisions they might make in their financial planning.

I offer seminars for:

  • Financial Professionals to learn how the ethical will can enhance the process of asset management and distribution through discovery of intangible assets—family heritage, traditions, values, morals and life lessons included in a meaningful legacy. Deepens advisor/client relationships increasing the likelihood of the advisor being retained by heirs.
  • For Your Clients in which they reflect on and bestow in a written legacy letter the intangible inheritance—heritage, values and blessings—they wish to give their heirs.

Together we can help your clients discover their values and their intended legacy, add value to your relationship, and make financial planning a much richer and satisfying process. I’d like to talk with you about how.    630 – 204 – 1650