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 “Without a legacy, every generation starts over.”
–Edna C. Groves, M.S., Founder Words That Endure®

Edna C. GrovesJust like a work of literature, each life is filled with important moments, difficult lessons, significant relationships, losses and healing, and themes that echo through the years. Everyone has such a story. Chronicling your life story gives you the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on the formative events and people of your life.
  • Communicate and preserve your heritage.
  • Share your important life experiences.
  • Pass on your values and wisdom.
  • Offer blessings and affirmation to your descendants and family.

Put your personal history in writing and you can give a tangible, heirloom gift to those you love.

With her strong belief in the significance of shared stories, Edna C. Groves, M.S., workshop leader, teacher, personal biographer, and speaker, created Words That Endure® to help people get their stories onto paper. Contact her by e-mail or at 630-204-1650 to find out more.